Teaching2Patrick is a sought after instructor for piano, organ, conducting, and music theory. He has taught students of all ages and abilities, and with over fifteen years of experience, he has a successful track record of preparing students for concerts, competitions, and undergraduate/graduate music applications and auditions. Both online and on-site lessons are available. For more information regarding scheduling sessions, please click on the “Contact” tab to send an inquiry.

Student Testimonials:

TeachingPatrick Kreeger is a wonderful teacher to work with both in a musical and academic setting. His command of music, whether it is on stage as a performer or as a teacher in the classroom, is prodigious. His warm character is accented with humor, making his teaching style inviting and enjoyable. Patrick represents a rare blend of excellent musicianship and scholarship, and he comes with my highest recommendation to anyone looking for music instruction.—Welvin

“I studied music theory with Patrick for only under a year, but within this short period of time I learned so much from him. He is always very thorough, patient and kind, and I also appreciated his tough demand for work to be completed with perfection. Not only did I learn my music theory skills from him, but also great working discipline. I highly recommend Patrick as a teacher and a coach.”—Natalia

“I have been an organ student of Patrick’s since 2015, recommended by Paul Jacobs. His expectations are very high I have learned so much from him. He is a very kind teacher but demands a lot from each student. I highly recommend Patrick to teach anyone who takes music seriously. A special thank you to him for challenging me to become a better musician.”—Joel

“Patrick is one of the strongest piano instructors I’ve had. His depth of knowledge and expertise in piano are unrivaled in my experience. He’s a wonderful instructor who knows how to push his students as they grow.”—Alex

Teaching3“I had a piano lesson with Dr. Kreeger and we worked together brushing up on piano technique I had lost over the years. Dr. Kreeger was very fast at responding to my lesson request and we were able to set a date and time quickly and efficiently. Our lesson was via Zoom and he watched me play a couple of different pieces I was learning on my own. He was able to encompass all areas of playing piano that if practiced consistently, would help improve my technique over time. We discussed everything from proper posture and set up, body mechanics, and to how to best stylize phrasing of some of the music I was learning. I appreciated his approach to technique and how to practice; he was able to tailor the lesson to meet my specific needs and help me practice more effectively. I hope I can work with him again in the future and would highly recommend him if you are also looking to take piano lessons!”—Katie

Teaching 4“As a theory teacher, Patrick Kreeger possesses the exact teaching style the subject requires. Patience, availability for questions and dedication to my desire to learn best define my experience with Patrick. It was such dedication that also made him call me out when he didn’t think I was doing my best or was making careless mistakes. Perhaps this wouldn’t be that outstanding except that Patrick did all of this long distance; he was in Philadelphia and I was in Delaware. He was timely in mailing me assignments and tests, and even more so in grading and returning them. I learned more from him in the 2 years I studied with him than I did in my last year of theory in my undergrad at music school. If you have the opportunity to study with Patrick Kreeger, consider yourself lucky. You couldn’t find better quality teaching elsewhere.” – Katherine

“In August, 2012, under Patrick’s guidance, I returned to piano study after a hiatus of 10 years. With infinite patience and great sense of humor, Patrick helped me rebuild my technique, expand my repertoire and regain my confidence as a pianist. As an educator myself, I can attest to the fact that Patrick has an excellent understanding of adult learners and their particular needs. I recommend him highly!”- Karen

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